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I’m Sweta, a Writer turned Product Manager.

Right from starting off as B2C writer to a B2B writer, I’ve written for various industries and verticals, helping SaaS brands with the content their customers love to read.

My upgrade to Product Management has been a boon to me because I strongly understand products from the conceptualization stage to the launch stage and beyond that, not forgetting the customer pain points that become a crucial part and parcel of this process. This is where an amalgamation of my Writing and Marketing skills along with Product Development skills come into play.
I’m based out of Mumbai, India and I usually work with small-medium brands in the B2B (& B2C) space. I write about SaaS applications, the Internet of Things (IoT), Content Marketing, Project Management tools, Chatbots & Messaging services, and a host of other businessy-type topics. 
With experience in QA, Digital Marketing WordPress web development, Product management, I bring a whole heap of value to any project that aims at converting visitors to paying customers, and thus generating revenue for your brand!

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